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Created On3/22/2010
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Disabling the BSD Application Updater

There are a few different ways to turn off the application updater:

  1. From either MediaWidget or VideoWizard, hold down the CONTROL and SHIFT keys while clicking on the "Check For Updates" menu item.  The user should receive a prompt explaining what is about to happen.
  2. From the BSD Application Updater tray menu (right click the tray icon), hold down the CONTROL and SHIFT keys while clicking the "Check Now" menu item.  Prompts are the same as #1.
  3. Manually removing the registry entry.  If the updater can not remove the entry itself (for example, if it were running under an account that did not have permissions to modify the HKLM key), then the entry can be removed by hand.  They should run RegEdit.exe and navigate to the 'HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\' key.  Under this key, they should see an entry named "BSDAppUpdater".  This entry should be deleted.