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Created On9/30/2014
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Regnow's auto renewal email-- sample

Example of Regnow's auto renewal reminder which is sent 30 days prior to the renewal date.

This message is to remind you that your subscription for MediaWidget | Easy
iPod Transfer will automatically renew in 30 day(s).The subscription
guarantees access to MediaWidget | Easy iPod Transfer with no interruptions
of service.

If you would like to change your subscription, please follow the
instructions below. You will need the following order information to access
your account: x2baaaa-1a1111x.

The MyCommerce Team
Order ID: x2baaaa-1a1111x This subscription has an automatic renewal
policy. The original order was placed on Sep 19,  2013.

*Company:* Bootstrap Development
*Product Support:*
*Quantity:* 1 at $29.99 USD each
*Duration:* 12 Months
*Billing Frequency:* Yearly at $29.99 USD
*Expiration Date:* Sep 19, 2014

click here to cancel <>

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